Top 10 Largest PV Solar Plants on the Earth

No. 1 Sarnia Ontario, Canada, 80MW, 2010
The 80 MW Sarnia Photovoltaic Power Plant in Canada is the world’s largest photovoltaic plant. It was built by First Solar, Inc. and Enbridge Inc., and was extended from 20MW to 80MW. The Sarnia Project consists of 1.3 million solar panels covering a surface of 950 acres and generates 120,000 MWh annually to power of 12,800 homes. The project also created 800 jobs. It is estimated that it saves 39,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.
The project was made possible by very favorable feed-in tariff established by the government of Ontario. The power output will be sold to the Ontario Power Authority pursuant to 20-year Power Purchase Agreements under the terms of the Ontario government’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program.
Although the Sarnia plant is the current world’s largest PV plant, the Blythe Solar Power Project will replace this plant to become the No. 1 in coming years. The 1 GW Blythe Solar Power Project is approved by the Secretary of The Interior and to be developed by Solar Millennium.
No. 2 Olmedilla solar plant, Spain, 60MW, 2008
The Olmedilla de Alarcon solar plant is located in Cuenca, Spain. It provides 60MW, uses 270,000 crystalline-Si modules from Siliken and was built by Nobesol. The electricity generated is used to power 40,000 homes.
No. 3 StraBkirchen, Germany, 54MW, 2009
This 54MW solar project was built by Q-Cells SE in Saxony-Anhalt and MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.
No. 4 Turnow-Preilack, Germany, 53MW, 2009
Built at Lieberose Photovoltaic Park in Lieberose, Brandenburg, Germany, this power station has 700,000 solar panels and capable to power 15,000 homes.
No.5 Puertollano, Spain, 50MW, 2008

No. 6 Moura, Portugal, 46MW, 2008

No. 7 Kothen, Germany, 45MW, 2010

No.8 Finsterwalde, Germany, 42MW, 2009

No. 9 Brandis, Germany, 40MW, 2007

No. 10 Reckhahn, Germany, 36MW, 2010